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Therapy? - Infernal Love

by D R Pautsch Rating:9 Release Date:2014-03-31

Reading the extensive liner notes of the new deluxe edition of Infernal Love, you would think this would be an unhappy album. It signaled the end of Therapy?'s initial line-up and was made by a band who were seemingly burnt-out from touring their successful Troublegum album. But listening to it, nothing could be further from the truth.  

'Epilepsy' roars into being with hooks, passion and melody. This is a cleaner sounding Therapy? but one which delivers a loud and confident album full of rock and swagger. It is probably as good, if not better than, Troublegum. 'Stories', 'Diane', 'Jude the Obscene', and many other tracks have lasted well and, almost 20 years on, the age doesn't show.

This deluxe edition is also a step up from Troublegum's deluxe version. It contains one less disc but the inclusion of acoustic tracks and demos rather than remixes means it is a far stronger set. It's quite puzzling why the record company did this, however. 

'Screamager' is here in acoustic form and is fantastic. 'Knives' is here, live. Many other tracks which really should have been on the delux Troublegum album are also here. All of this means the second disc stands up well and puts any of the extras on Troublegum in the shade.

Therapy? delivered this album shortly after they hit the big time with their previous effort. It doesn't show. That they were on top form is beyond doubt, and those who remember them for one album or one song should put this on and discover the depth of a great band. For fans of the band, its very simple: Buy this deluxe edition over the other one. It's far better.

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