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Balduin - The Glamour Forest EP

by Jeff Penczak Rating:9 Release Date:2014-04-16

Balduin is a delightful little Swiss musical gnome and his four-track, 7in EP is a whispy, paisley slice of 60s psychedelia tinged with Beatlesque melodies and Barrettesque whimsy. Dainty keyboards, soothing sitar, melancholic arrangements…

It’s swinging London all around you, including a jolly hop-skip-and-tiptoe through Boeing Duveen’s cult Rubble favourite, ‘Jabberwock’, which would be perfectly suited to an upcoming Fruits de Mer comp. ‘Waves Stars and Moon’ introduces nostalgic harmonies and tinkling music boxes and floats around the room on cumulous clouds of feathered down. A full-length is in order, posthaste. 

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