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Wyrd Visions - Half-Eaten Guitar

by Jim Harris Rating:9 Release Date:2014-04-15

Don’t get me wrong here, but Wyrd Visions Half-Eaten Guitar is one spooky ass album. Originally released in 2006 and then, after not selling much, thrown into a bog deep in some black forest where it has since resurfaced, been bitch-slapped and repackaged, and has now been re-released. 

And for some reason, it’s all worth it. On first listen, it sounds a bit like a certain individual has been meandering around in an asylum when suddenly a guitar with only one or two strings finds its way in his lap and he starts playing for the disenfranchised people on the fifth floor… Ghost stories, vampires, cemeteries, they all make up a lyrical landscape mostly supported by repetitive, occasionally off-key guitar pluckings by Mr Wyrd Visions (Colin Berg).

While this may sound a bit sketchy as a musical investment, Half-Eaten Guitars oddly draws the listener back with its sort-of-70s folky style of deliberate, repetitive rhythms and mind-expanding chant-like lyricism. And then when the solitary female voice finally breaks through on the third elongated track, ‘Freezing Moon’, with “It’s night again…I’ll please my hunger…”, you’re either hooked or you'll mutter, 'Fuck this shit, I need some Daft Punk'.

Still, while Wyrd Visions might sound like they are playing in a coffee shop in Hiroshima an hour or so after the bomb, the music really does get under your skin in a good way after a few listens.  There are reasons it has been re-released and even more reasons to believe it will stay a cult classic for many years to come. It keeps drawing you back. 

While it’s possible Colin Berg might well be a barista in a Starbucks in Portland, Oregon today, I suspect he’s sitting around a campfire somewhere with a bunch barefoot hipsters entertaining them with his stories and minimalism. I love it.

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