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School of Language - Old Fears

by D R Pautsch Rating:7 Release Date:2014-04-07

Rock 'n' roll family histories are quite an intriguing thing to follow. TV series have been created following them, many magazine articles have been written about them. They shine a light on the intertwined lives of bands and individuals. 

The Brewis Brothers have created a very complex family tree in the 10 years since they founded Field Music. This is David Brewis' second album in his offshoot act and follows critical, not commercial success with debut, Sea From Shore. Like all the Brewis' work so far, critics seemed to adore it but it was a little too niche to be a mainstream success.

Old Fears stands up well as an album full of funk, guitar and indie. It is lyrically strong, melodically sound and has electronics. 'Between the Suburbs' sounds like 80s indie with a slight tweak. 'Dress Up' has a slightly carribean feel to it,

'Distance Between' kicks off proceedings in a style which reminds of a slightly more mainstream, mid-era Talking Heads. Like a lot of the Brewis output, it sounds like it's from the 80s. It works but doesn't quite grab the full attention of the listener.

Old Fears is a solid offering which will please critics and fans but may not gain many new followers. A shame, as the material here, and on similar efforts, is worthy of much wider listening than it is currently getting

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