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Boozoo Bajou - 4

by Jonathan Powell Rating:8 Release Date:2014-04-14

Ready for an adventure?  Welcome to 4, the newest album by the eclectic German outfit Boozoo Bajou. Fans of Boozoo Bajou will not be surprised that this album is only tangentially related to their previous output. No zydeco/Cajun influence in evidence, although careful listeners will find a hint of reggae here and there.

Slip on a set of your best quality headphones, and allow the intricate, shimmering, pulsing soundscapes to surround you. Drifting dubby, trip-hop background beats slither and echo, providing a setting for violins, vibes, flanged keyboards, heavily treated guitar, slips of vocals, and found sounds which float in and out of a Stockhausen-esque dreamscape.

This is ambient, but not background music; electronic, but not dance. The music is lovely, hallucinatory, revelatory, never boring. The album begs for repeated listens, with each listen unfolding more and more, rewarding attention with more beauty and wonder at each turn.

Definitely recommended for fans of well crafted ambient music, and of interest for fans of late Talk Talk. Beautiful and strange.

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