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Young Boy - Other Summers

by Jeff Penczak Rating:8 Release Date:2014-04-07

Half-brothers Alessandro Baris and Joseph Desler Costa reunited in Italy to record this, their debut album which is brimming with synth-pop and dance grooves which fondly harken back to those 'other summers' they spent apart absorbing influences from 80s icons, OMD, New Order, Depeche Mode, et al. But perhaps its most immediate signpost is The Cure’s Disintegration, with its melancholy tempered with heart-fluttering happy tunes. Young Boy’s soft harmonies will ease you onto the dance floor, and their catchy melodies will have you tapping your toes. ‘Rides Away’ is melancholic, yet hopeful, its bright accompaniment inviting repeat listens, while ‘My Secret Place’ is the perfect summer single that will encourage floating across green fields or driving along coastal highways with the sun and breeze rustling your hair.

‘Let You Go’ is a heartbreaking tale of loss, that could equally apply to the boys’ youthful separation or the breakup of a relationship, but ‘Today Eternal’ recaptures the joyful exuberance that runs through the album, and its singalong chorus and flypaper melody should be on everyone’s lips and in everyone’s head for weeks to come. A triumphant combination of blissful pop tunes and honest, emotional lyrics, and an album that reflects on the events of those “other summers” that instilled strength and faith in these brothers to persevere and conquer the distances between them. For us, it’s an opportunity to rekindle our own familial relationships…perhaps schedule a backyard barbecue and chat about the good old days while Young Boy makes this a summer to remember.

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