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Flying Cape Experience - 8

by Jeff Penczak Rating:8.5 Release Date:2014-03-20

The multi-layered pun in the title and cover art of this split EP between Portuguese composer/producer/sound-sculptist Barato (aka João Caldeira Bispo) and Finnish duo Flying Cape Experience (Jo Annah and Akira Kosminen) hints at the fun times which await within (eg, there are eight tracks on the album and the infinity sign on the album cover is an 8 on its side). Both artists also cover one of each other’s tracks, so this is a true labour of love, and a thank you from the couple to Barato for releasing their highly regarded debut album, Let’s Sing More About the Eyes, last year on his El Vals Del Canejo label.

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The Finns come off much better; these sound like finished recordings, not just demos for another project or album. They continue the atmospheric ambient flavourings demonstrated so well on the full-length, and snorecore enthusiasts will fall in love all over again with Jo Annah’s ethereal, coquettish, Cocteau-esque flutterings. The musical backing borrows heavily from vintage 4AD and Projekt atmospherics, particularly the This Mortal Coil instrumentals, Dead Can Dance, Love Spirals Downward, Lycia, and Black Tape for a Blue Girl.

‘I Am the Other’ introduces an affecting flute theme and haunting acoustic backing, while the final two tracks (averaging about eight minutes each) allow the couple to stretch out and improvise, letting their muses carry them into otherworldly realms of echo chambers, hallucinogenic percussion, disembodied vocals, and ghostly electronics which will send shivers up the spine. Their cover of Barato’s ‘Rivers In The Sky’ reinforces his skill at crafting beautiful, romantic melodies which draw us in to their web of sound like the proverbial spider to the fly. Awesome!

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