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Tony Molina - Dissed & Dismissed [VINYL]

by Andy Brown Rating:10 Release Date:2014-05-12

Tony Molina has played in a number of cult/underground bands including noisy, hardcore types Caged Animal and melodic college-rock outfit Ovens. However, Dissed and Dismissed stands as his first full-length solo album. I say full-length, yet the whole record clocks in at a measly 11 minutes, 22 seconds. That the record remains such a satisfying experience can be attributed to Molina’s faultless songwriting.

The record opens with the feedback and power-chords of ‘Nowhere to Go’, coming on like some great lost mini-track from Weezer's classic debut LP. The album is full to the brim with infectious melodies, sprightly rock solos and tantalisingly brief running times.  

The songs are casually delivered yet never feel rushed or unfinished. ‘Change My Ways’ could be a fuzzed-up Teenage Fanclub while ‘Wondering Boy Poet’ and the misleadingly titled ‘Sick Ass Riff’ show a rather gorgeous acoustic side to Molina’s repertoire.

Lyrically the album focusses on relationships and heartbreak as Molina sings on ‘Tear Me Down’, “babe, I was glad you’re the girl I found but it seems you don’t want me around; you build me up to tear me down”.  Yet (just like Rivers Cuomo) Molina manages to make some rather brilliant, breezy and life-affirming rock ‘n’ roll from his various romantic disappointments. The album's far too short for any wallowing anyway.

After a few listens (and you will end up listening to this several times in a row) the album's running time seems less like some kind of gimmick and more like a stroke of genius. Dissed and Dismissed is an absolutely fantastic record and the finest 11 minutes I’ve heard this year. A small but perfectly formed indie-rock gem.


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