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OFF! - Wasted Years

by Kevin Orton Rating:10 Release Date:2014-04-07

One would think Black Flag's Keith Morris and Burning Bride's Dimitri Coates would make unlikely collaborators but one listen to OFF!'s debut goes to show it's a match made in heaven. Wasted Years picks up where they both left off, but is far more dark and angrier, if you can believe that. Waving Hardcore's buckshot flag as they ride into battle. While lyrically this is a far more political album, the title track and 'Death Trip on the Party Train' flip the finger to time wasted on drugs and alcohol as opposed to the now customary lament.

'Void Out' greets you like a greyhound out the gate, classic political protest at its finest. And far more pissed than Pete Seeger and Woody Guthrie ever were. I'd say the times call for it.

'Red White and Black' continues the trend of taking no prisoners while 'Legion of Evil' lurches back and forth and onward, dragging you along for the ride. 'No Easy Escape' casts an angry eye on those trapped not only culturally but economically, at the same time never falling into self-righteous rant. 'Over Our Heads' sadly reveals anti-war songs are still necessity in this day and age. As for 'Hypnotized', it does just that. It is the piece de resistance of the album with it's refrain, "It's no surprise we've been hypnotized".

Armed with a tough as nails rhythm section, Dimitri Coates plays like an Old West gunslinger, twirling those pistols and hitting the target every time. One of the finest guitarists in hard rock today.

At 16 tracks, Wasted Years keep its songs short, if not so sweet. A genuinely raw, unpolished and spontaneous effort raging against the death of the light.

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