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The Junipers - Paint The Ground

by Jeff Penczak Rating:10 Release Date:2014-03-17

A very special (and extremely limited) St Patrick’s Day present from the Leicester quintet (and BBC 6 Music darlings) finds their highly acclaimed 2012 sophomore effort remastered, remixed, and pressed on glorious vinyl with an extra track tacked on to entice all you fencesitters. For those of you who missed it first time around, act fast to pick up this delicious collection of sunny day, West Coast folk-pop with generous dollops of Byrdsy jangle, stoned America/CSNY harmonies, and latter-day Laurel Canyon dream-aways recently revived by the likes of Jonathan Wilson, The Greek Theatre, and Kontiki Suite.

Tasty embellishments like the fluttering flutework on ‘Dandelion Man’, the strolling banjo on the new track (the Lennonesque ‘Eveywhere is You’, which is sort of a cross between ‘Hold On’ and ‘Beautiful Boy’), and the twangy Jew’s harp on ‘Golden Fields in Golden Sun’ flesh out the sound. Toss in some jaunty vibes (xylophone) on the campfire singalong ‘Song to Selkie’, omnipresent soft harmonies (‘They Lived Up in the Valley’, with its soaring flute breaks is a particular gem), and the odd glockenspiel and zither, and it’s easy to hear why they’ve garnered such high accolades and friends in, er, high places.

Long hair, tie-died T’s, bare feet, flared jeans, floral headbands… The great hippie revival is upon us as late-night, stoned ‘70s rock makes a nice comeback, and The Junipers are at the forefront of the revival. Break out the patchouli, pull up a corner of the rug and set yourself down – crosslegged of course – for a warm and fuzzy evening of brilliant, cascading pop. But you better act quick before they’re all (300 only) gone!

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