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Famy - Donkey [VINYL]

by D R Pautsch Rating:5 Release Date:2014-03-31

Debut EP's should be about making your mark, defining your sound and grabbing attention. Famy release their debut EP and fail to really do any of those three things. It's not that four tracks on offer here are bad, far from it they are actually quite enjoyable. However, they don't really sound distinctive, sit long in the memory or promise a new band to fall in love with.  Its kind of safe and familiar

The title track is an acoustic jangly guitar number that somehow reminds you of so many bands. It stomps along with vocals that hang on at the end of every line. 'A Ho a Hand' is like a less memorable version of the music you hear on adverts from alternative music acts. Strummed along and summery its pleasant enough without being really diverting.  Hebrew  takes this formula down a pace and the staccato approach stutters through.  A History Lesson Part II could almost be early REM but with slightly more clear vocals.  Its a cover version which is good but doesn't add anything.


There is nothing bad here.  There is nothing great.  Perhaps the problem.  You want to love new bands like Famy, on this evidence you just can't do that as you will probably forget all of this when something more diverting comes through your speakers or headphones.

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