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Eternal Summers - Drop Beneath

by Greg Spencer Rating:8 Release Date:2014-03-04

Virginia trio Eternal Summers are a chirpy little outfit. Their third full length The Drop Beneath offers up less fuzz and more of an emotional pull than their previous releases. Lead vocalist Nicole Yun delivers a youthful voice which drives this band forward. Her vocal lines remain charming, intelligent and constantly likeable throughout this record. It's her vocals and the band's kindred spirit which is the essence of why this album works.

The record opens with '100' which serves as a delightful and spaced-out number with just the right amount of energy to keep us excited, but the band go at their own pace. Nothing feels forced here; if any word is appropriate for this record, it would be 'natural' as this band sound like they were born to make these lovely tunes.

A song like 'Gouge' is so charming and endearing, yet when the irony of the lyrics hits, it can't help but make the song a comical affair. 'Keep Me Away' is a sweet and slowed-down number which feels sentimental but that never becomes a problem. The understated guitars play their part in keeping the track atmospheric and Yun's sombre vocals elevate the song, making it the best track on the record.

The only gripe to be had with most of the songs is that the instrumentation never feels like it gets to fully breathe. Some songs sound so formulaic - not necessarily a bad thing, but it doesn't feel like there can be much said about the guitar work or anything of that sort. The guitar solo on 'Keep Me Away' is beautiful yet it leaves you wanting more, even though the song is fantastic.

The mid-tempo tracks work much better than the times Eternal Summers try and speed things up. A song like 'Capture' feels much more interesting than some of the quicker tracks simply because there's more to appreciate with this band when things are at their own pace. 'Not for This One', for example, varies the record as Daniel Cundiff takes over lead vocals, and it adds a certain verve to proceedings even with his deceivingly lackadaisical approach.

Overall, this album is a real blast and I really hope that this band can make the leap now (this being their third full album). The Drop Beneath is just an utterly enjoyable and summery record which should be heard by the largest audience possible.  

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