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Weeknight - Post-Everything

by Jim Harris Rating:7 Release Date:2014-03-07

I’m a sucker for dark, moody, synth-driven music so it was no surprise to enjoy the hell out of Weeknight’s first release, Post-Everything. This Brooklyn-based duo, Andy and Holly, have created a solid collection of mid-tempo drum-machine beats accompanied by Andy’s sparse, gently-loud waves of distortion and Holly’s creative keyboard.

The two opening tracks, ‘Hallowed Ground’ and ‘S.O.M.V’, work very hard to evoke a sinister backdrop with deliberate, rather low, monotone vocals by Andy, kind of like how The National would sound if they merged with The xx. However, there is a certain artsy undertone to many of these songs which reveals a duo more influenced by modern dark than classic dark -Throbbing Gristle or CombiChrist, Weeknight is not. I think if this band were asked to open for CombiChrist at their upcoming show in Mexico City, they would politely decline.

No, Post-Everything is obviously derivative and self-consciously dark and moody, a la The xx, Lorde, etc, or chic dark, if you will, but the music is pleasant enough and the shimmering, crisp guitar work adds a nice dimension to break it up a bit, as with on ‘Dark Light'. If Post-Everything suffers from anything, it is the one-dimensional quality of the drum-machines, echoey guitar flourishes and synth which makes up these mid-tempo song structures. What made the likes of New Order and Xymox, not to mention The Cure, work in their early days was that they usually mixed it up faster occasionally.

With more than two band members, the dark could crescendo nicely at times. That's the whole problem really with only two members in these band-lite times…

That said, Weeknight explore the sound they are shooting for quite nicely and if you are looking for a pleasant dose of that slow, ambient electro-pop that is more 'theatre dark' than 'sinister dark', you will enjoy this album. On the other hand, you may agree with a friend of mine who, as I cranked the song ‘Whale’, drew a puzzled look and asked “Has Chris Isaak gone techno?"  If that's the case then probably just move onto something else. Otherwise, get sucked into this interesting album.

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