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The Twang - Neontwang

by Brian Lange. Rating:4 Release Date:2014-03-10

Neontwang is the fourth studio album by Birmingham group The Twang. What comes across is a hybrid of indie-rock, funk, and a little bit of 80s George Michael, A-Ha, The Clash and the like. 

The Twang teamed up with Wide Eyed guitarist Tommy Greaves for this record. It's certainly evident that this band is having fun with their music. What they accomplish is a solid record which maintains a strong through-line stylistically. There's nothing worse than one-hit wonder bands, but this record maintains its integrity from start to finish.

What are its flaws? Well, it isn’t incredibly exciting. It seems to teeter on the edge of wanting to be an energy-filled record, ready to plug in on evenings with your mates. It’s not the type of record you can mellow out to, but it’s not the type of record you can dance your heart out to. It’s somewhere oddly in-between, which makes you uncertain of how to feel or what to do. 

Listening to the ballad-esque 'Medicine', you get the impression it’s an intermission of sorts – but to what? It’s book-ended by slightly catchier tracks which don’t really allow you to turn up your energy to an endorphin-releasing level. That is not to say all music must do this, but given that this music is begging to combine The Clash with George Michael, you would think that more is under the surface and The Twang is just waiting to break into that.

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