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Cheatahs - Cheatahs

by Nathan Fidler Rating:6 Release Date:2014-02-10

New and upcoming bands often seem to fall into one of two categories these days, either they have the alt-rock tinge of the 90s or they have a modern take on psychedelic rock. Cheatahs have made a seemingly astute move in hitting both those marks and their self-titled debut is the longer, deeper affair which their EP promised.

After a mellow, ambient opening the album quickly moves on to ‘Geographic’, which blasts into a pacey, frothing number. The vocals across the board are the kind you remember from the 90s but are less decipherable lyrically in their drone-tinged, looking-over-a-cliff sound. Comparisons are there to be had with names like Sugar and Teenage Fanclub popping up and tracks like ‘Get Tight’ and ‘The Swan’ do nothing to avoid this comparison.

It’s tracks like ‘Mission Creep’ and ‘IV’ which break up the proceedings with more ambience in the alt-rock, and depending on whether you prefer the 90s rock or modern psychedelic trends, you’ll either be pleasantly surprised or annoyed at the slow-down. Ultimately, there is nothing glamorous about this album and those looking for a dose of hard rock will find better elsewhere. Grungey ‘The Fall’ swims, and has a beautifully picked guitar hook to make you think there might be something beneath the love of a good sludgy guitar.

As the 90s rolls around to repeat itself, Cheatahs are the kind of band we can be thankful for. They offer some ingenuity along with their nostalgia, though this album lacks a cutting edge (finding teeth only on ‘Cut the Grass’) to make you beg for more. Along with the pop revival of the era, there is undoubtedly an alt-rock one too, but this is a band who fill niches readily without making a striking impact of their own. Excellently produced but lacking a melodic hook, this is for fans of the movement only.

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