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Reverend & The Makers - ThirtyTwo

by Dan Clay Rating:7 Release Date:2014-02-24

After bursting onto the scene with their storming debut, The State of Things, Jon McClure’s Reverend and the Makers have perfected their knack for shouty indie-pop. While the likes of ‘Heavyweight Champion of the World’ from that release and ‘No Soap in a Dirty War’ from follow-up A French Kiss in the Chaos proved chart hits, what can fourth album Thirty Two do to makers (Oh dear - Ed) sing along with the self-styled Reverend?

Well, on storming opener ‘Detonator’ and ‘I Spy’ McClure doesn’t pause for breath as basslines pump and ska kicks in. Things take a more Madness/Ordinary Boys turn with the reggae/ska-infused delights of ‘Devil’s Radio’ and ‘Nostaliga’, which makes for a pacey, non-stop opening to the proceedings.

While both ‘Happy Song’ and the anthemic ‘Play Me’ give both the listener and McClure time to reflect, it’s not long before the trance-like ‘Different Trains’ takes us on another curve before the swagger-pop of lead single

and Prodigy-clone closing track ‘Your Girl’ leave us content; singing in one as a unison congregation. With music like this, more people would definitely be going to church.

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