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Elliphant - A Good Idea

by Kleeberg Rating:8 Release Date:2013-10-14

Scandinavia is really shining through recently with music releases - from Lykke Li to The Knife, when it comes to Scandinavian pop, it seems that they can do no wrong. Elliphant keeps that streak going.

At first, you'll probably make comparisons to a less polished MIA. 'Music is Life' kicks off with a dance-y kick and never lets up. That tone slowly shifts with undertones of dubstep and heavy bass and synth. If you're a fan of MIA (or to a lesser extent, Santigold), this LP will definitely get your foot tapping. She brings along fellow Scandinavians Niki & the Dove for the track, 'More Fire', which chugs along with a shimmering synth backed by heavy electronic drums until Malin Dahlstrom beautifully covers the chorus.  

Eric Hassle makes an appearance on 'Pac Man' (if you don't know who Hassle is, you should), a record which feels perfect for a long drive on a summer day. Think about the feeling you had when hearing the catchiest Santigold track when it clicked with you for the first time. Aside from the amazingly infectious 'Music is Life', 'Could It Be' is probably my favorite track. Elliphant actually shows a good amount of emotion on this one, wailing over a simple drum beat as her voice reverbs against the background.

The album isn't perfect - her arresting accent may hit some the wrong way and the jungle-spiced, tropical flavor might not be everyone's cup of tea, but it's fun, and sometimes, music just needs to be fun. 

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