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Amusiana - There's a Bit of Flim Flam In This

by Brian Lange. Rating:7 Release Date:2014-01-27

Amusiana is the result of a collaborative effort between Steve Rowlands and Chris Dinner. What's more, it feautres contributions from different artists who promote an alternative view of electronic and experimental music. You’ll hear familiar sounds from collaborators such as Stuart Sweeney, DJ Charity Shop, Chris Dinner, Erik d'Accords, Dubstr, Frango, Maya, Big 1 Coughlin, Tubuskr and Dudley Sirius. 

What sounds on paper like it could be another Richard James album actually turns out to be more of a refreshing foray into a world of 'light-hearted' sounds in a world full of oddities. While listening to the track, 'Sleepwalking Through Snow', you get the impression that the munchkins are having a picnic in the land of Oz, but you aren’t invited and they’re looking at you with suspicious eyes.  While most would definitely classify this as an experimental album, the overall effect is emotive; it is a pleasant listen and, despite the bizzare realms which may be conjured up on your journey through all 19 tracks, it is still a rather placid journey. 

There’s no shortage of samples from various sources. This becomes cliché and horribly overdone with it comes to 'amateur' electronic music. Sometimes you hear a familiar voice, other times it's perhaps generic, but what experimental record would be complete without sampled voices? It creates a definite throughline for the compilation, giving the listener something in the forefront, but deters from the music itself.

You will not necessarily be introduced to new music through this record. Though catergorized as a compilation, created from various artists, there is still enough of a foundation from Rowlands and Dinner to make it enough of 'their' work, so you will not find a vast array of musical styles within the electronica. It’s got a calming tempo, but is upbeat and intriguing - something you can sit down and listen to on a quiet afternoon with a cup of tea. 

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