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The Wave Sthlm - Antisocial

by Nathan Fidler Rating:8 Release Date:2014-02-04

There have been quite a few successful bands with just a drummer and guitarist, but usually you’ll find it’s some sort of indie-pop or blues-rock band. The Wave Sthlm are neither of those things. Their second album, Antisocial, is a buzzing racket direct from Sweden of all places.

The track which best sums up their message is ‘Chainsaw’, on which they aggressively announce, “I’m a human chainsaw/ I won’t go back on a single thing I said” and “I’m gonna make you scream”. They are true to this mission statement and attack every song with as much gusto as possible. It comes out as a mash up off The Hives and The Stooges, with the production values of teens set up in their parent’s garage.

Despite a quite linear mode of attack, there are breaks in their noise levels. ‘Antisocial’ grooves early on to deliver a self-aggrandising message about the fact that they do as they please, lending themselves an Eagles of Death Metal kind of appeal. It’s a refreshing attitude, the kind of stuff which divides opinion; they’re either massive idiots or a couple of genuine badasses.

Frantic playing throughout would suggest it’s the later, and while the poor sound-production goes well with the strained yelling of choruses on ‘Fast Forward Fast’ and ‘Dynamo’, it leaves the quieter moments a little bare, exposing the drums which, despite being played well, fall flat when trying to deliver real punches to the gut.

Some bands benefit from a polish but this is one of those rare occasions where it could ruin their feel. It has worked for The Black Keys, but there is something more animalistic about The Wave Sthlm; they thrash against what sounds good to give you a shot of adrenaline. You won’t always want or need that shot but they’re going to give it you regardless.

If you like your duos crazed and a little psychotic then this will be the perfect low-key addition to your collection. Likewise, if they’re picked up by the mainstream it could give the guitar scene the boost it needs – but such is their niche, they might have missed the boat on the garage-rock revival.

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