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The Cosmic Dead - EasterFaust

by Andy Brown Rating:8 Release Date:2014-02-20

Glasgow’s most prolific psychedelic sons return this month with yet another mighty slab of speaker-melting psych-rock. EasterFaust follows on from last year’s sublimely brilliant Inner Sanctum LP and finds the band continuing down their own unique path; uncompromising, sprawling epics are the order of the day. EasterFaust consists of two lengthy wig-outs and shows a band at the peak of their creative powers. It must be a lot of fun to be in The Cosmic Dead right now.

‘EasterFaust Part 1’ starts with a heavily sedated trawl through some particularly strung-out psychedelia. There are some beautifully hypnotic and quietly repetitive guitar-lines, some unintelligible, effects-soaked vocals and a great feeling of space and freedom. About halfway in, the track shifts gear into a head-on, Krautrocking juggernaut. The Cosmic Dead are in a galaxy all of their own.

‘EasterFaust Part 2’ gets off to a more raucous start; huge drum fills, wildly unhinged soloing and propulsive riffage. All of this is soaked in swathes of reverb and Hawkwind-style wind-tunnel noise. It all adds up to one helluva noise, brothers and sisters.

The Cosmic Dead are easily one of the most exciting bands in the country right now and are apparently incapable of recording anything that isn’t thoroughly mind-blowing…

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