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You Me At Six - Cavalier Youth

by Greg Spencer Rating:6 Release Date:2014-01-27

For anyone who loved You Me At Six's last album, Sinners Never Sleep, their new release may cause somewhat of a bemused reaction. This is because of how fundamentally middle-of-the-road the album sounds in comparison, for better or worse.


That last album had cameos from Bring Me the Horizon's Oli Sykes and Parkway Drive's Winston McCall. It felt threatening, exciting and, best of all, like the band might have been heading in a direction that wasn't mediocre. Opening this album is 'Too Young to Feel This Old', a song which just feels pretty bland, sure it'll get the festival crowds momentarily galvanised because of its attempt at being another of the band's pop punk anthems, but it just leaves you slightly cold.


'Lived a Lie' runs the risk of drifting into the same dreary format as its predecessor but emerges a much more interesting and rousing track with a genuinely catchy chorus. The band may have lost some of their kick but lets face it - You Me At Six have never been an aggressive, cut-throat sort of outfit. One thing you can't take away from listening to this album is the production. Like most of their past releases, their fourth ful- length sounds crisp and totally pure in terms of sound-quality.


There are some decent songs here: 'Room to Breathe' is a powering number which shows off Josh Franceschi's vocal prowess. He sounds best when there are gut-busting guitars bruising underneath his vocal lines, which is why this band are in their element when they go aggressive rather than sentimental and soft. Unfortunately, this album bears too much irritating nostalgia. Don't take our word for it - just look at the album title and artwork for starters.


Cavalier Youth feels too clean and too much like an easy ride. You can definitely say it displays the band's softer side, but this will surely be divisive because of how hard the band have delivered past material. This record feels like You Me At Six: Rated 15. However, their mainstream popularity has definitely paid off considering this album currently stands at number one in the UK album charts - a feat the band have never accomplished until now.     

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