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Åsgeir - In the Silence

by Greg Spencer Rating:8 Release Date:2014-01-27

At 21-years-old, Ásgeir Trausti has already made waves in his native Iceland. After releasing the country's biggest selling debut album from a domestic artist two years ago, he's back with In the Silence. It's an album which may tread old ground but one which also demonstrates Ásgeir's progression as Iceland's stand-out performer.


Opening track 'Higher' is a slow-tempo number, one which feels almost somnolent in its delivery. This approach isn't a bad thing, though - far from it, as Ásgeir's vocals fit perfectly into this soft, synth-laden symphony which conveys subtle yet deep, profound emotions within the singer. The subsequent and title track is somewhat different; there's more of a middle-of-the-road, folk feel to it and much less emphasis on electronic elements. Both of these styles work, which is what makes the beginning of the record so open and easy to get to grips with.


For the most part, the songs on In the Silence feel as if they merge into one another. However, this isn't necessarily completely negative. Sure, after a few listens through of the record it can still be difficult to differentiate between some of the songs because of certain similarities, but in return the album feels cohesive, like some sort of Icelandic dream.


A distinctive track is 'Torrent', which feels as uplifting as anything on this record. There's a real optimistic tone to the whole song, a rousing spirit which unfortunately some of the other tracks lack. It's no surprise to learn this track has been released as the album's third single.


The previous single, 'Going Home', is typically minimalist and in a sense actually sums up what's right and wrong with the album. It comes out in a time where minimalist and subtle works, but offers more of an emotional pull than most of the stuff out there in the industry at present.  

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