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Sun Glitters - Scattered Into Light

by Rich Morris Rating:6 Release Date:2014-01-14

For anyone suffering SAD-like symptoms and feeling like they could really do with some glittering sunshine in their life right now, well, here’s the next best thing: a new album from Victor Ferreira, aka Sun Glitters.

If you’re already a fan of Sun Glitters, you’ll know what to expect: gloopy, honey-dipped synths and blissed-out, stoner vibes. Song titles such as ‘Soft Breeze’ and ‘Closer to the Sun’ let you know that your expectations will be met, but there has been a little progression in the Sun Glitters sound. Opening track ‘When the Train Comes’ is more dense, rhythmic and beat-heavy than previous efforts, putting one in mind of Flying Lotus. Another new feature is Italian singer Sara Cappai (of Diverting Duo), whose dreamy, distant vocals recur throughout the album.

However, while tracks such as ‘Three, Four Days’, with its interesting backing made from what sounds like muffled dog barks, are certainly beautiful, there’s not enough here to differentiate Scattered into Light from what Ferreira has done before. One feels the shuddering beats and quirky loops on the likes of ‘Closer to the Sun’, ‘Scattered into Light’ and ‘Lonely Trip’ could develop in unusual ways, but too often a tune become indistinguishable from those around it by the one-minute-mark.

That said, a surprise does await the listener right at the end of the album. The final track is an acoustic version of a song called ‘Too Much to Lose’. It begins with the sound of a baby gurgling before unfurling into a truly lovely folktronica oddity. Cappai’s serene vocals and the acoustic plucking rub against an abrasive beat which sounds like a fistful of jangling coins, until everything gets thoroughly fucked on the ear towards the end.

The mixture of acoustic, ambient recording and processed sounds is completely absorbing and unlike anything else on the album. Without doubt, this is the direction Ferreira should take Sun Glitters in now. 

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