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Lanterns On The Lake - Until The Colours Run

by Greg Spencer Rating:7 Release Date:2014-01-14

Opening with a fuzzy optimism, Until the Colours Run beams of intrigue and adolescent naivety. There's real spirit laid down here and when the softly delivered vocals of Hazel Wilde drift in, the beginning of the record feels dreamy. Her voice shines like a bright sunray transfixed over this album. 


First track 'Elodie' speaks volumes about the whole album. It offers up a whole ranging ocean of emotion and shows Lanterns on the Lake have made a thing of real worth and beauty. There's intricate instrumentation in the background which feels delicate yet free.


Wilde's vocal style is melancholic and nonchalant but has the cool sensibility of Tegan and Sara, not so much in style but in the type of vibrancy which draws you in completely. For instance, on 'The Buffalo Days' her vocals just seem to effortlessly flow over the vast and expansive instrumentation. There's something beautifully subtle about this band and it pays off on almost every song.


The title track feels uplifting even when Wilde's vocals do seem slightly hazy. The soundscape created by the keys, the drums, the guitars all adds up to a gorgeous background which then becomes the foreground.


An argument could be made that the first half of the album is stronger than the second. It does feel like the record drifts off into its own dreamy subconscious by the end and, even though 'Another Tale From Another English Town' is a great track, you can't help but feel that the affection you had earlier on in the album has subsided somewhat.

That doesn't stop this record being a quality indie release, though. It has an air of the indescribable about it, an almost 'can't put into words' ambience that will chill your bones. There aren't any hit singles on here, and the band probably wouldn't expect there to be, but the they have delivered a real rough diamond and it isn't every day that you get that sort of glimmer.  

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The first CD I ever purchased with my own cash was the STP Purple record.

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They were a fixture during my formative years, and to be honest, I think that they were one of the best damn rock bands that I have ever seen.

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They were definitely a staple for me during high school. Very sad loss for music.

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