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Keane - The Best of Keane

by Dan Clay Rating:8.5 Release Date:2013-11-11

A greatest hits usually spells the end, creatively at least, for many bands, throwing together all their hits to satisfy browsers and tagging on a few newbie tracks to please die-hards. Despite strenuously denying they're splitting up, Keane have opted to release theirs in time for Christmas, and given their nine-year track-record they've probably earned the right. But should we be keen to get our hands on a copy? (You should be ashamed of that pun - Ed)

So while all the hits you might expect are here, from Hopes & Fear's 'Somewhere Only We Know' and 'Everybody's Changing' through to Under the Iron Sea's 'Bad Dream' and the rockier 'Is It Any Wonder?', there's also a few fan favourites such as the softer 'My Shadow', the sombre 'Bedshaped' and their most underrated effort, the gorgeously rousing 'Hamburg Song'.

While most of the tracks come from those two albums, there's room for the likes of 'Spiralling' and the euphoric 'Silenced By the Night' off their last two records. The quality stays high for new tracks '

which, contrary to some band's throwaway efforts on their Best ofs, are as strong as some of their earlier work.

So while Keane aren't going to change their middle-class, slightly MOR image with this release, fans of well-crafted, melodic piano-pop should be more than happy to find this filler-less offering in their stockings this year.

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