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The Internet - Feel Good

by Greg Spencer Rating:5 Release Date:2013-11-03

The Internet is the umpteenth side project/group from the mega-faction-collective Odd Future. It comes in the form of vocalist Syd tha Kyd and producer Matt Martians. Their second album is one of soul but lacks the pace and cohesiveness that you'd expect from seasoned pros such as the protagonists in this band.

Opening track 'Tellem' glides along in an almost dream-like fashion, samples and real instrumentation sounding like they're bleeding into one another and Syd's vocals simmering over the top of them. It is dreamy and even melancholic but the problem is it sounds too casual, too chilled out. For the intro to be so comatose sets the album back before we've even got going.

This lackadaisical style is one which continues throughout the record. Fortunately, it does get better than the introduction. The subsequent tracks, 'Sunset' and 'Dontcha', follow different routes in terms of style, the former being an aptly summery sounding and oceanic track which is unconventional but does stick with you. The latter opens with a pulsating bass and drum rhythm. It creates a gorgeous backing for Syd's angelic and soulful vocals which effortlessly flow through the track.

Now there's a lot to get through on this record. There's 13 tracks here, one being seven-minutes-long, another eight minutes and the final track comes in at over 10-minutes-long. Herein lies part of the issue with Feel Good: The pacing of the thing as a whole lacks any real urgency. Not that there has to be any but the record never feels like its moving quick enough or slickly enough. A number of the shorter tracks like 'Shadow Dance' just feel lethargic anyway so when it comes to a seven-minuter like 'Cloud of Our Own', it just ends up dragging its heels through the jungle of erratic samples and down-tempo moments.

What happens to the record is that the songs feel like they're merging into one another and not being unique enough to stay fresh. The whole thing becomes background music and it ends up sounding quite passive. It isn't a bad album at all; its well produced and cleanly put together but if you're after the edgy, creative and unique style of Odd Future and all the acts that have come from there then you'll be disappointed.

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