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Haim - Days Are Gone

by Greg Spencer Rating:9 Release Date:2013-09-30

Haim may possibly be the brightest band to come out of 2013. They're a gift from the gods for all NME readers who want to be front row for the emergence of the best acts to grace the UK festival scene. After hearing opening track 'Falling', we know instantly where we are. Haim are cool, soulful and make you want get on the tables and dance until your feet give way. This isn't heavy stuff, it's rock with pop-flavoured sprinklings but that actually makes it sound much simpler than it actually is. In all honesty, if you don't enjoy this music then go see a doctor.

'Forever' is an absolute storming number, although the strange thing is that the lyrics aren't particularly catchy. However, Haim create a perfect balance of modern pop-rock mixed with 80s nostalgia. On 'If I Could Change Your Mind', we hear lead vocalist and the centre-piece of the plethora of vocal harmonies, Danielle Haim, and the honesty in her voice, expressing real pain. even though the music is still upbeat, it's definitely a song with an emotive kick.

The title track sounds like an old Madonna b-side, which sounds pejorative, but this type of revivalism is what makes Haim stand out from the crowd more than any other band right at this moment. Heck, bands have brought in old influences since the beginnings of popular music but this band sound like they've come right from that era and still make their music sound completely fresh and appealing to a mass audience.

The whole album is worth listening to over and over. It's actually a record which gets better with more listens. The songs sound more mature with every play, which is why Haim are quite rightly THE band of 2013.

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