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The Naked And Famous - In Rolling Waves

by Greg Spencer Rating:7 Release Date:2013-09-16

The Naked and Famous' second album, In Rolling Waves, proves that the dreaded follow up to a promising debut doesn't have to be a chore, it's a record with a really expansive feeling to it and one that should cement them as one of the rising hopes in the synth-indie scene.

Lead single 'Hearts Like Ours' tells you everything you need to know about this band, they've got a sparkling vision, the ability to create engrossing musical landscapes and can produce genuinely catchy pop songs. Singer Alisa Xayalith powers out her dulcet tones in a heartfelt and effortless fashion, and in a way that lets the music which is her backdrop, come to life.

This band can do the quiet and subtle things in an absolutely perfect fashion, 'The Mess' shows how they can produce slow tempo tracks that sound just as good as their faster songs, there is a subtlety and a really great spirited nature to these songs on the album, 'Grow Old' is the same, a 6 minute song which at first feels trudging and slow but actually breezes by. In a sense, the whole album has this feeling, and at no point does it ever feel like the band are just filling time.

The electronics on the record for the most part sound seamless and a perfect fit for this band, 'I Kill Giants' showcases how fantastic this band's electronics are and how non-intrusive they are. Heck, most of the songs on the record aren't particularly catchy but it doesn't stop the album from feeling extremely fresh and exciting. In a sense though that's what's missing, a couple more killer hits that would give the album more of a lift because even though the songs are all great, there isn't much of a bite or a sense that the songs on this particular record will propel this group very much.

Overall In Rolling Waves is a seriously interesting album that, with a bit more top ten single material would've surpassed Passive Me, Aggressive You but nevertheless this album is one worth paying for.

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