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Yuck - Glow & Behold

by Greg Spencer Rating:8 Release Date:2013-09-30

When former Yuck frontman Daniel Blumberg left the band earlier this year, most Yuck fans probably thought that would be the end of the band and Yuck was finished. Well, here we are with that dreaded second album and a new lead singer in the form of guitarist Max Bloom, and from the get go you can hear the optimism seeping through on this new record.

The album opens with a typically Yuck-sounding instrumental and then goes into 'Out of Time', a melancholic and cheerful beginning which indicates that this band may possibly be in a happier place than when Blumberg was leading the line. Bloom has a genuinely warm and melodic vocal style which helps the rhythmic tone of this band glide along without the new transition sounding forced. From the first three tracks on the album, you'd be tempted to call the band's new sound chillwave as it sounds miles apart from the grunge style which first made the band really exciting and interesting.

That's what the band seem to be missing in the early stages of the album, a little bit of bite and the grunge quality that Blumberg delivered in the studio and in his live performances. It's only on track five, 'Middle Sea', that some life and real energy kicks in, and the guitars sound like they should be from this band. 'Rebirth' is the same. Taking aside the probable underlying meaning of the track being about Yuck's musical rebirth, the song is actually a real slow burner but once you've played it through a few times it seriously grows on you, just like this band's new style.

By the time the trumpets come out on 'How Does It Feel', that longing for Yuck's previous grunge sound and the dulcet tones of Blumberg are gone. The band win you over because they know how to write great indie-rock songs. Whatever genre you want to describe them as or whatever label you want to give them, it doesn't really matter because Yuck are back and possibly even better than before.

It's a cracking album; just play it through a couple of times and you'll love this band even more than you did previously. They've discovered a subtle energy and a variety with their songs which they were lacking before.

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They still look shit.

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always thought they were shite and an utter waste of time but on a human level it's good to hear that they can move on after such extreme circumstances

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Yeah that's true.

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