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Men Amongst Animals - Buried Handsome

by Steve Reynolds Rating:5 Release Date:2013-09-02

There are signs out there that autumn is on its way, leaves on the ground, cooling air, darker nights, so it's fitting that Denmark's Men Amongst Animals second album, Buried Handsome, with their mix of mellow, quirky, idiosyncratic, minimalistic, spare sounds complete the pending change in seasons.

Blending acoustics with copious amounts of electronics, bells, maracas and pretty much anything they can lay their hands on, the music highlights their distinct visceral approach. They drink in the vocal style of Mr Wayne Coyne on 'Failures, Flaws..', all set to a pulsing heartbeat ,swirling keys and a trippy guitar solo, music constructed on the hoof with un-nerving ease. It's Bardo Pond-ish, if you want to categorise it.

However, at the flick of a switch it's a voice and a stripped-back guitar on 'They Build a Colony'. It's million miles from the preceding song, but demonstrates their flexibility to shift their music muscle around successfully and still keep your ears riveted. 'Common in a Special Way' is monolithic in comparison, a big-billy-big-balls of a track with tub-thumping drums and soaring, chiming guitars with a chilling spoken-word vocal: "Feels so electric… Makes you believe in all you do"; "This feeling is mutual, so calm in a special way".

Buried Handsome is twee and introverted at times. Joining up the dots on the Air-influenced 'Neighbourhood', its kooky and overtly polite. However, the latter part of the album is tardy, anxious, lacking impetus and significant guile to draw the listener in. An album of two halves, it stumbles to quite a disappointing fizzle-out.

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False Idols was a great return. Looking forward to this. He likes being shrouded in cigarette smoke ,

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