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Pixies - EP 1

by Andy Brown Rating:7 Release Date:2013-09-08

So after treating us to the reassuringly awesome 'Bagboy' in June, Pixies have now released an EP of four brand spanking new tracks. There's still no Kim Deal and it's hard to pretend that, as a life-long Pixies fan, this doesn't bother me somewhat, but these tracks certainly deserve your attention.

Things start well with the swooning 'Andro Queen'. Where 'Bagboy' was all snarling teeth and metallic riffs, 'Andro Queen' is all reverb-drenched gorgeousness. There are also some rather romantic lyrics from Mr Black: "Loving on our bed of flowers/ breathing in the smell of her musk". It's reminiscent of some of the slower songs on Bossanova and represents a side of Frank Blacks songwriting which often goes a little unsung.

'Another Toe in the Ocean' speeds things up a little with some propulsive punky riffs and some sweet vocal melodies from Black. In some ways, it's probably the weakest track on the EP but it still manages to outclass a whole host of other bands. This brings us to the brilliant, 'Indie Cindy'. The song starts with a rather lovey guitar part from Joey Santiago before kicking into one hell of a sexy strut, bringing to mind the wonderful 'Subbacultcha' from Trompe Le Monde.

Black's tongue is as sharp as it's ever been as he spits: "You put the cock in cocktail man…" And who else could keep a straight face while singing: "I'm the burger-meister of purgatory" The song changes tack again come the chorus, with Black crooning his love for someone's daughter. Surreal, exciting, beautiful and faintly ridiculous.

The EP finishes with the huge, metal riffs of 'What Goes Boom'. Lying somewhere between 'Planet of Sound' and 'Bagboy', it's a total rush as the band ask us: "Are we gonna get rocking?" It certainly seems that way. Pixies are well and truly back.

After a few listens the EP really starts to sink in. This is the same Pixies I first heard as a teenager. The same Pixies I listened to constantly, arguing with friends over their best album (clearly Trompe le Monde). And despite the absence of Miss Deal they still sound fucking fantastic.

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