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Glasvegas - Later...When The TV Turns To Static

by Greg Spencer Rating:6.5 Release Date:2013-09-02

Glasvegas are pretty much the masters of mopey post-punk Scottish indie-rock. It's probably not the widest of genres really, but they're the modern ubermensch of that particular field. Their latest album will most probably please die-hard Glasvegas fans but won't attract a newer audience to the band as there hasn't been much progression from their previous two full-length albums.

The album opens with the title track and it's everything you'd expect from this group. It's slow, moody, dark, and lead singer James Allan sounds like he's disillusioned and distanced from the outside world. The next song, 'Youngblood', is much more energetic and the band's sound benefits from it. It's actually a genuinely emotive and engrossing track, and when Allan sings "It's part of growing up", you believe every inch of it because of how captivating his words are.

Allan's anger midway through 'Secret Truth', where he screams into the echoes of the music, epitomises why he's such a great vocalist and such an intriguing presence. On the lead single from the album, 'I'd Rather Be Dead (Than Be With You)', he shows his honesty in his lyrics. There's real pain beneath the surface and the song partially uncovers that pain. There's spoken-word in there too, which adds to the emotive nature of the song and also adds to the slightly filmic ambience that's present throughout the entire album.

One of the best tracks is 'If', which feels like a breath of fresh air on an album full of doom and gloom (something you have to get used to if you like this band). The song just offers up a slightly different dimension. With the marching drum sound and Allan's fantastic vocals, it works perfectly. However, there's plenty on this record that won't take your breath away in any sense as too much of it just feels like the band are going through the motions and not particularly doing anything new or exciting and that's a real shame.

If you're a fan of this band already then it's probably the perfect album, as it feels like it's directed at the old guard rather than at any newcomers to the group. Overall it is a solid album, but there isn't anything here to get too excited about.

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