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Franz Ferdinand - Right Thoughts, Right Words, Right Action

by Paul Downey Rating:9 Release Date:2013-08-26

Whatever happened to Franz Ferdinand? Just under a decade ago, they bossed the indie-pop world with catchy tunes like 'Take Me Out' and 'Do You Wanna?' - then they vanished. In 2009, Tonight: Franz Ferdinand attempted to show a lighter side to a band who always needed to be the heart and soul of the party. Gladly, we can announce that they could yet rule again if Right Thoughts... is anything to go by.

This is a full throttle return to form, with tunes and potential dancefloor fillers galore. Lead single 'Right Action' is right up there with their previously mentioned finest moments with a distinct and memorable chorus which will have you humming it from around 90 seconds in. This is also a tight affair, with 10 songs and only three going over the four-minute-mark. Safe to say, Franz Ferdinand know what they are good at: short, snappy, glorious indie-pop.

'Love Illumination' is surely a dead cert for a future single. With a bombastic opening, it's a back-to-basics, full-throttle thrash of pure delight. Potential weak spots are the very throwaway 'Fresh Strawberries', which doesn't ignite like so many of the songs on offer, and 'Treason Animals', which after a promising start becomes a bit too chanty towards its close.

'Evil Eye' and 'Bullet', however are vintage Franz, showcasing them at their fun-loving best. Things start to slow down towards the end, with 'Brief Encounters' almost an ode to Blur during the Britpop years, and closer 'Goodbye Lovers and Friends' providing a fitting close. Alex Kopranos muses on the final track "So sad to leave you", and were sad to see his band go. Just don't leave it so long next time, Alex.

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