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Belle and Sebastian - The Third Eye Centre

by Dan Clay Rating:6.5 Release Date:2013-08-26

It may be nigh on impossible to review a Belle & Sebastian album without mentioning the words whimsy, poppy and sweet, but this b-side/rarity compilation from 2003 to 2010's Write About Love album is pretty much just that. So aside from some unusual remixes of tracks like 'I'm a Cuckoo' by The Avalanches or Richard X's dancey imagining of the whimsical (damn!) 'I Didn't See It Coming', there are plenty of poppy (drat!) gems here to make this an essential listen for fans.

Quite why the likes of the delightfully melodic and quintessentially B&S-sounding '

, with its Jam-sounding groove, can't help but tap you toes for you.

Closing on the poppy, dropped title track from 2006's The Life Pursuit (not sure why) masks the fact that a few songs here really deserve to stay b-sides and that, those tracks mentioned above apart, Third Eye Centre is no Push Barman to Open Old Wounds (a previous B-side release). It's still pretty sweet though (Oh, nearly!)

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