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Pond - Hobo Rocket

by Amy Putman Rating:9.5 Release Date:2013-08-05

This record made me dance in the street at a London bus stop. Sure, I got some pretty dirty looks and, sure, the woman who was also waiting gave me the kind of space usually reserved for psycho child-killers, but the stardust tornado of joy that whisked me through the working day was worth it. Actually, I doubt that anyone can listen to 'Xanman' without indulging in a jive; a little street shuffle.

This music makes me want to hand-draw them a music video. I want to design the hobo rocket and fill it with wonderful down-and-outs, firing them off to the other side of the great rainbow-giving fireball in the sky. On the flip side of the sun, people, there would be a magical land where their imaginations could build their own utopia full of whatever funny creatures and chocolate cabins they desire.

The thing is that Hobo Rocket is the perfect name for this album. Not only does their music get you high, but its winds are full-flavoured with the taste of jubilant egalitarianism, joy of the individual, love of the universe .... and other hippie shit. If a bunch of hobos united and built themselves a spaceship out of scraps, this would be their anthem. Besides which, if Pond rocked up on any inner city square in the world, back alley, or under-bridge situation, within seconds of their opening song they'd have everyone within earshot feeling good and dancing together.

Pond could reach the souls of the most depressed meth-heads, hardened bankers, or jaded street walkers. I believe in them; they could unite a fox with chickens and have them hanging out happily together in a coop, sharing a fatty and nodding their heads to the beat. They could make a dead rabbit dance.

The best thing about Hobo Rocket, though, is that Pond sound thoroughly psychedelic but avoid any of the saccharine Beatles sweetness or Beach Boy wholesomeness; these guys are the edge of original trip-rock. They have the skills, the depth, the raw, primal rhythm, and the firework confetti composition, but they are explorative rather than sanctimonious.

Pond are experimental without alienating simpler lovers of plain good tracks. If I had to describe their sound to someone not usually into contemporary shades of the genre, I'd say they are what you'd hear from the golden light of an open doorway, incense smoke gently billowing, as Led Zeppelin, Jimi Hendrix, and Kula Shaker had an orgy.... and Tangerine Dream watched from behind a one-way mirror, soaked in their own cigar smoke and dirty cackles... Jim Morrison was invited but got lost in the desert.... and was dead...

What I'm trying to say is that they transcend time and space with a talent that borders on erotic and encompasses so many waves of beauty that, at times, you feel like a tiny boat in an ocean full of giant jubilant fish, whipping up in a tornado towards the moon. You are helplessly carried along, but somehow it is wonderful and you're just glad to be a part of something so enormous.

I ache to see these guys live. I would dance until my feet bled pink gin and resin. I hate to be a fan-girl but this music lends these otherwise unimposing peeps a stardom which would bring out the giddy girl in me. I'm slightly scared I might scream.

Pond make me sigh happily. They bring bliss to grey workday mornings. They make me feel like anything is possible. Give them a slip of a chance and they will do the same for you. It's written into the atom-rattling frequency of their songs; it's irresistible. They can't help it - they're just a force of nature, impossible to resist, but then, why would you want to?

First chance I get, I'm off on that rocket, with the hobos. What a wonderful adventure we will have and how we'll dance. Oh, yes, how we'll spin the night away. And if not, I'll see you on Chiswick High Road Monday morning for some crazy, creepy bus-stop lady fun.

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Kinda clever but no app could replace a real record/cd sleeve...

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listen to a fair amount of digital but you can't replicate what you get out of the physical object on a screen

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