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Fortune Howl - Earthbound

by Paul Downey Rating:2.5 Release Date:2013-07-30

With a title such as Earthbound, you are definitely expecting something a bit 'out there' from Bryce Linde aka Fortune Howl. At times, it sounds promising, but most of the time it just sounds like someone messing around with a sound sytem and different instruments to create a very disjointed sound. Earthbound relies on mainly instrumental tracks which lack catchiness or flow to make them remotely rememberable.

Whether its lazy production or a masquerade of experimentation gone wrong, Fortune Howl never really gets it right. The only highlight is 'Interzone Export', which has a generally catchy riff and is a moderately easy listen compared to such poor efforts as 'A Vision Quest' and 'Pressure', which starts off well enough but seems just lazy by the end with no real structure to finish it off. Most tracks are short and snappy, clocking in around the three-minute-mark, and in this case it is probably for the best as you mostly had enough by this stage.

If Fortune Howl is in fact earthbound, I hope for the good of our ears he doesn't bring his music with him. He can detour to Mars or a galaxy far far away.

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