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Outfit - Performance

by Paul Downey Rating:5 Release Date:2013-08-12

Outfit's full debut album feels like a missed opportunity. At times during this 10 track record, they sound great, at ease and meaningful, sadly these times are few and far between. Outfit's stubborn sound and lack of depth is ultimately their undoing, as too many tracks blend into one and have no redeemable features. They are at their best when relaxed and a bit more upbeat, the sounds flourish out of them and it feels like they've been let off the leash for their own good.

Highlights 'House on Fire' and 'Thank God I Was Dreaming' are the only examples of something different from a cloudy, dreary showcase. Finale 'Two Islands' gives the album a shot of life, but it all seems a bit 'too little too late'. 'I Want What's Best' recalls Depeche Mode before they really honed their electro beats and got seriously moody and dark. 'Phone Ghost' is the closest we come to something gritty, but it ultimately it's quite forgettable.

That is really the problem here, when creating an electro, indie-light sound, you need something memorable. Sadly, Performance lacks this in abundance. A performance to forget.

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