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Ladada - Ladada

by Nathan Fidler Rating:8.5 Release Date:2013-08-15

If you pride yourself on meticulously collecting and preserving records on vinyl and won't listen to any other format then, to put it simply, you're going to miss out. Breaking that habit of a lifetime might be hard, but if you need a reason to do it, then do it for Ladada. His bandcamp is currently the only way to get hold of his self-titled debut but it's more than worth the investment.

At only seven tracks long (the first track being more a set up than music), this is more like an EP. Beginning with 'Comets', the sunshine pop doesn't let up. There's a shaking and twisting which you just wouldn't expect from a one-man-band. Recorded using a laptop and a four-track, you might have expected miserablist bedroom antics but Ladada goes way beyond that, upping the game for home recording by giving us a glimpse into what The Beatles might have sounded like if they were from outer-space.

Every phrase is dreamy and seems to float like a cloud. "Stormy, stormy weather, you've got us by a tether", whispers 'On the Weather'. 'Coin Toss' has the squeaking guitars of early bootleg Strokes as well as the slightly blurred vocals. Midway through, however, we are treated to a spaghetti western standoff.

For such a simple set-up, and via such a simple premise as bandcamp, there is a lot to appreciate here. The only minor glitch is in how much white noise there is at the bookends of the EP. It's headache-inducing, whether its intentional or not. And while an EP can be restricting with what you can include, a full album might even treat us to a wider variety of guitar sounds too.

If you can't find any joy within these songs, or you don't tap along to the snare-rim hits of 'Harmony', then perhaps you need your robot circuitry looking into.

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