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30 Seconds To Mars - Love Lust Faith + Dreams

by Greg Spencer Rating:7.5 Release Date:2013-05-20

Right from the get-go it's clear Love Lust Faith + Dreams isn't as dark an album as some of the previous work by 30 Seconds to Mars. Their last album, This Is War, felt a little pompous, as though Jared Leto felt he was the saviour of the world. But there's nothing wrong with a certain amount of arrogance, and it does give this band somewhat of an edge that their front man is pretty quirky.

This album actually feels like a bit of light-relief compared to the band's previous works. It actually feels like the band have chilled out in a sense. Even though the music remains grandiose, the band don't seem to be taking themselves as seriously as on previous outings.

You can hear the more relaxed sound on a song like 'Up in the Air', which mixes dance electronics with placid guitar-lines. It's a great track, but more importantly, it's one that possibly indicates a new direction for the band. Leto's vocals are as solid as ever and he pulls the song along with his captivating tone.

The band demonstrate they can quite easily pull off the slow numbers too, with 'End of All Days', which is practically just Leto's voice and a piano with some electronics thrown in. It's a shame there isn't more of this kind of stuff as it ends up being one of the most interesting and engrossing tracks. This isn't to say songs like 'Do or Die' aren't great because they are, although once you've given the record a first listen it does seem like a slightly disjointed beast. The concepts of the album are there but it's hard to instantly grasp the reverence of them.

This band aren't afraid of aiming for the stars, their songs and music videos often feature epic visuals and themes. This album is no different - there is a seriously grandiose sensibility throughout and, unlike previous albums where it feels too arch and aggrandising, this record is a breath of fresh air. It really is enjoyable and even if you go into it with a bunch of preconceptions about Leto and the band, you're quickly on their side because, underneath all the highly ambitious lyrics, the band are truly just enjoying themselves now.

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