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City And Colour - The Hurry And The Harm

by Greg Spencer Rating:9 Release Date:2013-06-03

The question that's usually on one's lips when listening to a City and Colour album is does Dallas Green ever get it wrong? You expect his albums to be full of soul, amazing vocals, soothing acoustic rhythms and a dynamism simply missing from other artists in the same genre, but this album has an even greater abundance of these qualities and offers up a seriously beautiful landscape of sound.

On 'The Lonely Life', we hear Green refer to the solitary world of a writer, most probably including himself in that bracket. It isn't just the lyrics which are reverential but also Green's vocals, which resonate deeply. He has a gravitational pull with every word that leaves his lips. The same substance he brought to Alexisonfire, the grit and fever that's on every trace of that band's back-catalogue is present on his current project. It's almost indescribable; a feeling Green brings with him like a poltergeist at the back of the room.

On 'Commentators', there's a real modern singer-songwriter feeling. It's a track that, on the face of it, sounds like it's been written by Ron Sexsmith with its elegant, simplicity effervescent charm, but Green adds so much under the surface with just his vocal ability. It has an Americana feel, an upbeat and self-reflecting vibe.

However, Green demonstrates he can pull off the down-tempo too with 'The Golden State', a song pondering on California which Green calls "The city of lost angels". This is the type of songwriting Green perfects so well. He reflects and contemplates through his lyrics.

You do have to be in a certain mood to listen to City and Colour. It isn't the sort of music to get you in the mood for partying, but these are beautiful songs put together by someone who has effortlessly moved from the metal and post-hardcore scene to the acoustic realm and gained a ton of respect from plenty in the process. The Hurry and the Harm is a gorgeous album filled with immaculate and intelligent songs which will undoubtedly make the hairs on your neck stand on edge as well as move you because that's what Dallas Green does.

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