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Jimmy Eat World - Damage

by Diana Aqra Rating:9 Release Date:2013-06-10

Whatever you already loved about Jimmy Eat World, you'll be eating it up in their newest release, Damage. A little bit more painful than usual, as the album name reflects, the band still pushes the limits with brand new energies and the proverbial story of pain following a disastrous end. Vocalist Jim Adkins tends to want to reminisce about his lost lover, but a larger part of him seems to want to put these tracks down just to forget. They are definitely songs that his listeners never will, though.

Coming from a different angle, but still powerful, tracks like 'I Will Steal You Back' bring us back to classics like 'The Middle' when we couldn't help but want to jump up and down in a crowd, no matter where we stood. Even better, and so sincere, is 'No, Never' - a mysterious entry into a situation that no one, especially the intended recipient, should "Never have, no, never known about". In the end, we know that this album is about a love's damaging end. Tremendously complicated, as most true loves are, we look back and still say, "It was good, it was good."

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