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The D.O.T - Diary

by Greg Spencer Rating:2 Release Date:2013-05-06

By the end of 'Blood, Sweat and Tears' on The D.O.T.'s second album Diary, we know where the rest of the album is heading. Unfortunately, it's an album which offers very little in terms of real inspiration and quality from two musicians who have genuine fanbases and plenty of respect in the industry. Rob Harvey and Mike Skinner's voices do complement each other, and there are some intriguing momentary bits on this album, but overall it's a disappointing affair.

Harvey demonstrates on a song like 'How We All Lie' that he has real vocal quality; Skinner, not as much but there's a musical rapport between them which has obviously spring-boarded their collaboration. However, behind the vocals, the production just doesn't cut it. It sounds shoddy, like a bunch of studio demos that haven't been mastered yet. 'Under a Ladder' is a real low-point from both a production perspective and a vocal point of view from Skinner.

You wonder how either of them thought it would be a good idea to put a track out which sounds this badly out of tune. It doesn't get much better as the album progresses either. 'Wherever You May Be' sounds just awful, and the terrible 90s electronics really don't help the song in any shape or form.

This really is a bad album, and it's difficult to pick up too many redeeming features which make it a worthwhile listen. 'Makers Mark' is a track which stands out, just because it had good electronics and the production isn't dire. If there were more tracks with this level of quality, the album would be in some way interesting.

Judging by this release, the collaboration between Harvey and Skinner should come to an abrupt end, there aren't many saving graces for this record and it puts a black mark on the careers of two quite highly regarded musicians.

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