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Vampire Weekend - Modern Vampires of the City

by Greg Spencer Rating:8 Release Date:2013-05-13

Vampire Weekend's third album comes at a time when indie music can be seen as going from strength to strength, but does this band really fit into that category anymore? Probably not. This is an album full of diverse songs, a nostalgic sensibility and a ton of soul and swagger. There's plenty of down-tempo sounds on here, but it's the variety and the mix of these songs with the up-beat numbers which bring this record truly to life.

Take 'Diane Young', a song which sounds awash with 50s influences yet is full of electronic sounds, a prospect which may sound intrusive yet works brilliantly. We're left with this amalgamation of nostalgic-sounding vocals which go from frenetic to soft and an electronic backdrop which gives the song a real edge. There's real downplayed emotion on this album. On 'Ya Hey' Ezra Koenig demonstrates his tender vocals as well as keeping up a great range. It stays at the same pace and doesn't really go to any extraordinary places, but Koenig's vocals are what keeps it together and keeps us engrossed.

'Finger Back' is a typically free-spirited indie number which proves this band can do the kooky sound too. A third of the way through the album, it shows how the band maintain their sense of fun and that, more importantly, there isn't really a band like them anywhere else out there. It's the same on the subsequent track, 'Worship You'. The band just have something different about them that's hard to place. Maybe it's the fact that every song sounds like it could be on a film soundtrack, and each from a different era.

There aren't any underlying problems with this record to note. It's just a really well-balanced, interesting and genre-transcending album which will hopefully get plenty of media attention and acclaim as it really is a unique beast.

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