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The Ok Social Club - Nothing In Common

by Greg Spencer Rating:7.5 Release Date:2013-04-15

The OK Social Club have a really genuine and youthful sound, a real vibrancy which comes off really well on Nothing in Common and could be the catalyst for a long and successful career for the four-piece from Edinburgh. There are plenty of things to get excited about on this little indie gem. Even the small things like the drum-roll fills on second track 'Little Broken Bones' show the band's willingness to do something different, not against the indie grain completely but trying to be their own beast. That track isn't a particularly catchy one, yet it sticks out as it has real charm, something which is quite frankly lacking with many British indie bands nowadays.

'The Shape of Things to Come' proves this band are firmly in the indie category. They've got that flimsy quality to them yet it stays endearing when usually it would become annoying. The vocal harmonies on that song work well and the chorus is continually catchy. Not all the songs are as strong, though, like 'Diffidence Dance' which is one of those songs which go absolutely nowhere and could have easily been dropped from the album as it adds nothing.

However, as a whole, the album is really well-rounded. The acoustic 'Twisted Young Gentlemen' works well as a penultimate number to what is a seriously solid debut from a band who might be the next big thing to come from Scotland in terms of indie-rock. There's plenty of talent here to get to grips with and any plaudits are well deserved.

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