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The Physics House Band - Horizons / Rapture

by Nathan Fidler Rating:9 Release Date:2013-05-03

Sounding like a punch up in a video game arcade, The Physics House Band have no need for words or lyrics. With Horizon/Rapture, they burst onto the instrumental scene covering all kinds of ground with breakneck speed and precision.

Opener 'ObeliskMonolith' sounds like it will muddle through as a jam, with a rapping of the snare and warbling feedback. What it actually matures into is powerful head-banger. The mixture of synth with intricate guitar and explorative drumming is akin to that of The Mars Volta on their debut. 'Abraxical Solapse' eerily continues that trend, showing off just how tightly this band can play. The interplay between them suggests skills beyond their years.

'Hollow Mountain' meanwhile plays out like the soundtrack to a hippy road trip, mixing psychedelic synth with smooth, funky bass. It's hard to say for certain which other bands might have inspired The Physics House Band but it's safe to say The Red Hot Chili Peppers, Biffy Clyro and Muse might be some of the names thrown about. Of course, without lyrics you might think it would be hard to hold the listeners attention, but the guitars are so melodic they almost sing all by themselves.

The songs continue to reinvent themselves rather than resting on a single hook. Hard and heavy isn't all they have in the armoury either. 'The Spectral Beyond' proves as expansive and chilled as the title might suggest, with sustained piano and the hint of something just beyond your ears in the synth.

While few people will give instrumental bands the time of day, this is one trio who deserve all the plaudits they get. Closer 'Titan' recaptures the energy of the opener and brings a tied-up sense of direction to what might otherwise be aimless music. You'll finish back in the arcade, fishing for more coins.

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