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Attic Lights - Super De Luxe

by Dan Clay Rating:6.5 Release Date:2013-05-06

With the Scottish guitar pop kings Teenage Fanclub probably entering their swansong era their mantle is well and truly up for grabs. Native compatriots Attic Lights showed real glimpses of promise on their terrific 2008 debut Friday Night Lights so what can their long-awaited follow up deliver?

Sadly not enough just yet to suggest they've a Grand Prix or Songs From Northern Britain up their sleeve - both classics. Lead single '

' is a case in point - grungy guitars and summery vocals imply they're following the blueprint but things feel a touch forced; without the natural melodies which made the likes of 'Bring You Down' or 'Wendy' on their debut so accessible.

Thankfully the soaring choruses on the likes of 'Mona Lisa' and 'Gabrielle' - one of the best things the band's produced - match those on that album while the more funky 'Future Bound' and terrific '

' show it's not just guitar power chords in this band's arsenal.

However the likes of the B-side-ish 'Lock Me Out' and 'Don't You' feel slightly uninspired; something a little concerning given the five years between albums and 10 tracks on offer here. And though the poppy (and no doubt next single) '

' is enjoyably light and memorable with its sing-along chorus, the boy-band feel to the track means it belies the Lights' indie roots.

Let's hope the third album takes inspiration from their fellow Glaswegians and brings us something really super next time and not quite, to use one of the song titles, a little Hit and Miss.

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