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British Sea Power - Machineries of Joy

by Dan Clay Rating:7.5 Release Date:2013-04-01

It seems fitting that a band which enjoys the fineries of living on the South Coast should choose a suitably descriptive name for themselves. Can their fifth album proper, coming after a dabble with film soundtracks, match its own title then and bring some joy to the British music scene?

Well, on tracks like the chirpy, grungey 'K Hole', they certainly match their previous efforts for creating enjoyable cacophonies of noise, complete with a memorable melody. In fact, the rest of the album struggles to match this early moment for pure, throwaway entertainment. However, the ethereal 'Hail Holy Queen' and ever-changing rhythm of 'Loving Animals' certainly have a go, although it's the epic sound of the waltzy 'What You Need the Most' and the Badly Drawn Boy-esque vocals on the lovely 'Spring Has Sprung' which linger longest.

So, despite some unusual moments of funk - 'Monsters of Sunderland' - and the odd flirt with a touch of brass on the Athlete sound of 'Radio Goddard', the band do what they do best on the pleasing pop of both the

and penultimate number 'A Light Above Ascending' proving that there's plenty of power left by the British Sea for now.

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