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How To Destroy Angels - Welcome Oblivion

by Amy Putman Rating:4 Release Date:2013-03-04

When a baby pukes down your front you don't blame the baby. When a toddler does it, you grumble but still cut it some slack. When a teenager does it, you yell at them but know that you have been through that phase too. When a pissed-up old fart grabs at your boob and then vomits on your favourite jumper, however, all the pent up wrath of tens of repressed British generations is unleashed upon the poor sucker in an agony of anger. Why? Because he should know better.

Trent Reznor really should know better. He is old enough and has been famous long enough to understand the business of making music. Yet with Welcome Oblivion, he is sucking up most of his previous work, chewing on it, swallowing, hawking it back and then spraying it all over the beauty of the greatest of Nine Inch Nails.

I know this is supposed to be a break away from that. I know he wanted to do something different. I know this is his chance to mess about in ways his fans might not expect or like but... But I had at least expected technically skilled.

This album is sloppy, lazy and unoriginal. It is as if a mediocre house DJ sat at a home-deck trying to be experimental. Some of the actual sounds used are interesting but they are combined and placed in a way that swamps and deadens them into just another boring, slightly jerky, nondescript dance track. It's electro at its worst.

I don't understand how someone who has such exquisite musical sensibilities could be a part of this project, or where his acute sense of timbre, tone and mixing has gone. I had to make myself finish the album. If you're the kind of mega-fan who will love everything regardless, then go ahead and listen, or if you can't live without your Saturday night trip to the local club, or if you want to remix it into something more presentable. As it stands, though, I wouldn't recommend it to anyone else in the state it has been released.

I'm sorry, guys. I know you are all of a certain pedigree. I wanted to like it. I tried my hardest. Maybe next time you should try yours.

For now, though, I'm going to go away and listen to something truly great from your back catalogue to wipe the metaphorical heave out of my poor ear canals. Perhaps the welcome oblivion of the album title is the best escape from this music... Or perhaps it is the tumbling into obscurity that should happen to them all after an attempt like this.

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