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Kellar - Blue Six

by Andy Brown Rating:6.5 Release Date:2013-03-15

Brighton's Kellar make huge slabs of improvisational noise; great chasms of sound filled with distortion, discordance and sci-fi indebted sound-effects. The pieces on these two tapes average out at 20 minutes each and make for particularly intense listening. The band are currently operating as a duo but these recordings are taken from their time as a three-piece made up of Dan Cross, David McNamee and Andy Pyne. You may even recognise that last name but perhaps not from where you'd expect. Andy Pyne played drums in recently disbanded indie types, Shrag. In case you're wondering, Kellar sound nothing like Shrag.

Pyne's drum skills are evidently impressive. Pyne adds a tribal, free-jazz vibe to Cross and McNamee's cauldron of swirling, psychedelic noise. In some ways, it's reminiscent of something like the Flower-Corsano Duo: experimental, free-roaming psychedelia played with focus and commitment.

The more rock elements (in particular Cross's rumbling basslines) remind me of Glasgow's psych-rock kings, The Cosmic Dead. Overall it's not quite as distinctive as either of these bands but it remains a thoroughly absorbing listen nonetheless. Blue Tapes (a self-styled "boutique cassette label specialising in handmade packaging, alternative process artwork, and curious audio") are releasing these recordings at a ridiculously reasonable price too. Satisfy your curiosity and punish your ears (in a good way).

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