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Kate Nash - Girl Talk

by Greg Spencer Rating:7 Release Date:2013-03-04

So Kate Nash has changed. No more is the flamboyant, piano-wielding pop princess; now Nash is seemingly bringing punk influences with an attitude somewhere in between not giving a shit and holding too much sentimentality. What Kate Nash has done with this album is make something left-field, something people weren't expecting and that's got to be commended, right?

Right from opener 'Part Heart', we can hear Nash's change of persona. There's grit and not much humour as the song plods along in a slightly pedestrian way. Even if Nash may not be aiming for the likeable girl-next-door approach, you find yourself warming to this music more than her previous back-catalogue. We hear a more upbeat and spirited sound on 'Fri-end', which is a catchy, retro-sounding song. Think Joan Jett but a little softer and somewhat simpler.

Even with the newer, more diverse sound, there are still songs which sound like they should be from Juno or some irritating American indie film. 'You're So Cool, I'm So Freaky' is definitely one of those; even with added sing-along by a bunch of people, the song remains annoying, a reminder that Nash does make some really uninteresting music at times. With 15 songs on the record, there are bound to be some fillers or unimportant songs. An example would be 'Oh', which goes absolutely nowhere and ends up sounding like a child having a tantrum. Others like this are present and it may have been a better idea to have released a 10 song album to sharpen the quality, although it's obvious Nash is simply doing whatever she wants, and good on her.

For an artist to alter their style like Kate Nash has done takes a significant amount of guts. She could have failed miserably, but her sound has really soared and the unconventional style works really well. It's an outsiders album, although at its core it is a pop record. Songs like '3AM' prove she can still write well-crafted, poppy tracks which resonate, as well as being different and doing her own thing for the most part.

Girl Talk is to be praised for its imagination and Nash's ability to change her look, her sound and her attitude. Songs like 'Sister' sum up where Kate Nash is at the minute, an artist who is in transition, and if she sticks with this style then great, as it's a blast.

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